2015-07 Imposing a Home Rule Retailers' Occupation Tax and a Home Rule Service Occupation Tax.pdf

Municipal Code of the Village of Hopkins Park.pdf

ORD 101651_1 - Levying-Assessing Taxes 2002 10.22.02.pdf

ORD 105596_1 Motor Vehicle Licensing [see 290726 for replacement 07-17-12] 12.27.02.pdf

ORD 105752_1 Annexing Territory 07.29.02.pdf

ORD 108141_1 Approving Agreement (Kankakee County 911 Board Arrearage Assessment) 02.14.03.pdf

ORD 108846_1 Amending Chapter 5 of the Municipal Code (Village Treasurer) 02.26.03.pdf

ORD 112550_1 Creating the Position of Assistant to the Mayor 04.28.03.pdf

ORD 112773_1 Annexing Property Ordinance - Brown – 2514 S. 13000 East Road 04.30.03.pdf

ORD 116155_3 Amending Ordinance re Municipal Utility Tax 10.27.06.pdf

ORD 116535_1 - 2003 Prevailing Wage Rate 07.08.03.pdf

ORD 116535_2 - 2006 Prevailing Wage Rate 06.19.06.pdf

ORD 116792_1 Regarding Employment 07.11.03.pdf

ORD 117441_1 Approving Intergovernmental Agreement with Pembroke Township (IMFT Revenue for Road Repair Project) 07.23.03.pdf

ORD 117667_2 for Contractor's License 07.28.03.pdf

ORD 119822_1 Regarding Illinois Funds 09.05.03.pdf

ORD 119823_1 Regarding Purchasing 09.05.03.pdf

ORD 120563_1 Adding Park and Recreation Commission 09.18.03.pdf

ORD 122483_1 Creating the Position of Code Enforcer 10.22.03.pdf

ORD 122617_1 Amending Village of Pembroke Ordinance No. 77-45 (Zoning) 10.23.03.pdf

ORD 129164_1 Authorizing the Sale of Certain Personal Property Owned by the Village of Hopkins Park 02.18.04.pdf

ORD 130180_2 Regarding Utility Tax Use 03.08.04.pdf

ORD 134354_2 Annexing Property 05.14.04.pdf

ORD 136819_1 re- Village Clerk-Treasurer 06.28.04.pdf

ORD 136829_1 2004-2005 Annual Appropriations Ordinance 06.28.04.pdf

ORD 145638_2 - Levying-Assessing Taxes 2004 12.01.04.pdf

ORD 96807_1 Annual Appropriateion Ordinance 07.29.02.pdf

ORD EXHIBIT 344664_1 Authorizing Transfer of Property & Exhibit A (searchable) 2 of 2 - 04.20.15.PDF

REZ 101440_1 Truth in Taxation Law [2] 11.07.07.pdf

REZ 109388_1 re Bank Accounts 03.06.03.pdf

REZ 110621_1 Canvassing Votes-Declaring Election Results 07.09.07.pdf

REZ 127819_1 Authorizing Transfer of Grant 01.26.04.pdf

Vlg of Hopkins Park Municipal Code 315687_1 (Searchable) 10.01.13.PDF

Vlg of Hopkins Park ZONING ORD 272409_1 (Searchable) 05.08.14.PDF